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Related classification :Alternative Preservation, Sensory Emulsifiers, Sensory Fluids, Film-Formers, Conditioning, Palm-Free Alternatives, Traceable Extracts, Emollients & others

Supplier introduction

INOLEX is an independent, global specialty chemical company focused on the cosmetic ingredient and industrial lubricants markets. 

INOLEX's cosmetic ingredient division combines a deep understanding of lifestyle trends with expertise in synthesis and formulation to provide innovative materials used by the world's leading cosmetic and consumer product companies.


These include new non-toxic technologies for preserving cosmetics, high performance polymers for suncare applications and renewable green-chemistry ingredients that replace petrochemicals. 


INOLEX's industrial division develops high-value lubrication solutions for bakeries and other high temperature applications. 


INOLEX is committed to innovation, using sustainable technologies and the preservation of biodiversity in all its activities.