About us

About us


Shanghai Haoyun Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional agent of domestic and foreign brands of cosmetics raw material traders. We are committed to the introduction, promotion of the world’s leading cosmetics raw materials, technologies and philosophy, dedicated to provide competitive, overall, high-quality cosmetic raw materials and supporting services to domestic cosmetics production and related customers.

We have established long-term stable cooperation relations with a number of well-known domestic and foreign raw materials manufacturers, including InolexFMCLipoidDownunderAegisGlory etc., raw materials are suitable for various categories including skin care, washing, makeup, hair products etc.

In all categories of raw materials, which contains “No added preservative”, “No Silicon oil conditioning agent”, “Natural Lecithin”, “Liposomes”, “Botanical actives”, “Botanical extracts”, Essential oils”, “botanic-derived polyols” and so on, fit the development trend of natural, safe personal care market.

Shanghai Haoyun was established in 2011, located at the core area of Xinzhuang Business district, Grade 5A office in Xizi International center. The park office environment is beautiful, the traffic is convenient. In addition, we have always maintained a stable, smooth and efficient operation of the business team, we work hard and live in harmony.

We consistently provide our customers with excellent service throughout the entire product cycle. From formulation development to production logistics and distribution, we try our best to satisfy different needs of our customers at different stages, and contribute to the success of every customer.

In the future, we will continue to practice our ideas and commitments, grasp the trend of the market, while the enterprise should adhere to the moral standards, keep intentions and passions, step forward.

We look forward to reach this vision and spare no effort in accomplishing the beauty of the world!